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New York City / Bucks County Pennsylvania  
based Dance Company by Yuki Ishiguro
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Memories of the moon

7/8, 2023 4:30 pm and 7:00pm

at Villa Joseph Marie High School, Southampton, PA

Choreographer: Yuki Ishiguro
Guest choreographer: Yoshito Sakuraba
Choreographer assistant/dancer: Olivia Wood
New York dancers: Joseph Heitman, Catherine Messina, Mayu Nakaya,
Tsubasa Nishioka, Mariko Hayashi
Pennsylvania dancers: Hannah Kieserman, Kelsey Kushnir,
Jackson Manning, Sarah Warren
Music composer: Rin Nagaya
Opening act: Institute of Dance Artistry, Coalesce Center of Dance Artistry
This show is supported by Plunge Development Grant.

“Speedy mix of b-boy, gymnastics and dance that seeminly could only be done by  gymnasts who has street performing cred and some serious dance training.”

- Offoffoff 

”What makes Yuki so intrguing - beyond his style of movement - is his enigmatic quality. There's no other dancer quite like him on the Gotham dance scene.” 

“This dancer’s range- from Ballet to hip-hop- gives all his dancing a striking individuality.”

Oberon's Grove

“Combining breakdancing with ballet, ambient music with spoken word, and stark solos with a complex light display, the company experimented without detracting from the breathtaking skill of its highly-trained dancers.“

- Thinking Dance

"a dancer of remarkable athleticism. It was a thrill to watch him execute his moves with skill and eclat, maintaining a smooth unbroken dramatic flow as he shifted through one style after another.​"

- The Dance Journal

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