New York City based Dance Company by Yuki Ishiguro


Up coming events
​Nov 15th and 16th 
"Triple bill evening production with OneDayDance and Nick Alselmo"
at Actors Fund Arts center, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 24th
"Generations dance concert by IDA"
at Montgomery County Community college, Blue Bell, PA
Nov 20-24th
"Come Together Dance Festival"
at Suzanne Roberts theater, Philadelphia, PA
January 17th, 2020
Performance in Philadelphia
details: TBA
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"a dancer of remarkable athleticism. It was a thrill to watch him execute his moves with skill and eclat, maintaining a smooth unbroken dramatic flow as he shifted through one style after another.​"

- The Dance Journal

”What makes Yuki so intrguing - beyond his style of movement - is his enigmatic quality. There's no other dancer quite like him on the Gotham dance scene.” 

“This dancer’s range- from Ballet to hip-hop- gives all his dancing a striking individuality.”

Oberon's Grove

“Speedy mix of b-boy, gymnastics and dance that seeminly could only be done by  gymnasts who has street performing cred and some serious dance training.”

- Offoffoff